Dodd Short Courses


Since 1984, when Glenn Dodd organized the training courses for mosquito control professionals, the Florida Mosquito Control Association (FMCA) has recognized the importance of providing world class training to those on the front lines of mosquito control.

The FMCA will continue to support the increase of knowledge, collaboration, and diligence – all attributes that Glenn Dodd stood for. These characteristics are what the Dodd Short Courses are all about.

The Dodd short courses have advanced to the next level by offering a complete course of studies designed to recognize different levels of training. The course of studies will be developed by the Dodd Short Course Committee to establish:

  • A Core Certificate
  • An Advanced Certificate
  • A Grandmaster Certificate

Each level will consist of several courses and may take several years to complete. Upon completion of each level, a certificate will be presented to recognize successful completion of that level and to encourage the student to continue to the next level for that course of study.

The basis of the course of study certification is to both encourage learning and to provide a focus and direction for Dodd attendees. CEUs will still be offered as usual for individual courses taken each year. 


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More About Glennon Dodd...

For 10 of the 15 years that he was in mosquito control, Glennon David Dodd was the Assistant Director of Indian River Mosquito Control District, in Vero Beach, Florida. To those who knew him well, and for those who did not know him, he was much more than an assistant director. He was the spiritual leader for mosquito control in the mosquito control profession. He was the first to recognize that mosquito control had to get into the employee training business. Glenn was the force that got it started. He called upon his substantial intellect, his colleagues, especially Jim Robinson of Pasco County Mosquito Control District and Bill Opp, then with HRS/DACS and now retired from Lee County Mosquito Control District, his other friends, and his future friends to organize and present several “courses” in Vero Beach during the fall of 1984.

The six courses taught that year were more appropriately called group discussions and they were about a variety of topics of interest to mosquito control such as surveillance, larvicides, adulticides, application equipment and computers. The participants were principally the directors and biologists of Florida programs who sat around in a semicircle in various locations and “talked about things.”

What started as a simple idea has blossomed into one of the largest and, arguably, the best sets of training courses for mosquito control in the world today. This year over 25 courses are offered, from a half-day to several days in length. Each year, those of us on the Dodd Short Course Committee ask ourselves if Glenn would be pleased with what we are doing in his name.

Naming the courses for Glenn, after his sudden and tragic death in 1991, was not simply a gesture of thanks and recognition of Glenn’s contributions. His name became a constant reminder to us of the high ideals that Glenn personified. We hope you find that the 2010 Dodd Short Courses described in this brochure meet your training needs and expectations.

We think Glenn would be proud of the offerings as they continue to grow and evolve in his name.